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Course Overview

In this concise course, you will learn how to apply Russian eyelash extensions.

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Course Description (Russian Volume Lash Course)

Thinking about expanding your skills and upping your lash game? Our Russian Volume lash course might be just the ticket. On this one-day course, you’ll learn all about just what Russian Volume lashes are, the correct application technique, and aftercare tips to pass on to your clients. With your Beauty Industry Approval certification, you’ll be ready to apply gorgeous, glam Russian Volume lashes to your clients.

What are Russian Volume lashes?

As the name suggests, Russian Volume lashes as a technique originated in Russia. Unlike other lash extension techniques, where a single, longer lash extension is placed onto a single natural eyelash, Russian Volume lashes are created by applying multiple ultra-fine, lightweight extensions onto a single eyelash in the shape of a fan. This technique creates a bold, thick lash line, and a shape arching in an even line. Russian Volume lashes are dramatic and, of course, voluminous, and are more uniform in appearance than American Volume lashes, which are more staggered and wispy.

What you’ll learn

In this one-day course, you’ll learn all you need to know about Russian Volume lashes. In our lash courses, we cover topics including:

The weight and curl of different lash types

Different weights of lashes can affect the placement or the technique needed when applying lashes, as can the specific curl of the lash.

Application, placement and the tools used in the process

In this course, we’ll teach you the perfect method with which to apply Russian Volume lashes, and the tools and adhesives needed in order to create gorgeous, full, fanned-out sets.

How to put together a workspace setup

Setting up your workspace properly is a huge part of creating flawless sets, and makes it much easier for you as the lash tech to apply lashes properly, hygienically and efficiently.

Lash cleansing and prep

Just as cleaning and prepping your workplace is important, so is cleansing and prepping the client’s lashes! Beginning from the correct starting point is essential when creating even, long-lasting sets of lashes. We’ll also discuss the best methods for lash care and retention, leaving your clients with durable lashes.

Expert tuition

We’ll cover the perfect placement options for different types of lashes so that you can create beautiful lashes. We’ll also cover infill procedures, helping you to restore clients’ lashes to their former glory every time, as well as the safe removal of the lashes.

You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may need to ask, and to get the guidance and tutelage of a lash technician who has plenty of experience with applying Russian Volume Lashes. Much like a one-day crash course in Russian Volume, you’ll know all you need to know to create beautiful sets by the end of the day.

What you’ll take home

After completing the one-day Russian Volume Lash Course, you’ll receive Beauty Industry Approval certification, helping you well on your way to providing Russian Volume Lashes as a service to your clients. As you’ll receive your training from an experienced lash tech, you’ll leave with a wealth of knowledge of Russian Volume lashes, their application and you’ll have a newfound confidence in your ability to prep, apply and infill Russian Volume Lashes.

Course Prerequisites

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Course Training Center

In-person training is delivered at our training academy by tutors in small, fixed groups.

The in-person training days include professional live treatment demonstrations as well as practical sessions for you to gain experience.

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